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You can try Revolin with the free plan, unlimited in time, limited in possibilities.
As your team grows, cultural stakes might get higher, paying plans are here to address those challenges. Pay monthly or get a discount on yearly subscription.

Revolin plans

Billed yearly
Billed monthly


For small teams who want to build a strong culture


All types of challenges
Up to 3 activities
Up to 10 players per activity
Access to Revolin catalogue
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For medium-size teams who want to spread their culture



All types of challenges
Up to 10 activities
Up to 100 players per activity
Access to Revolin catalogue
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For growing teams who want to scale their culture



All types of challenges
Unlimited activities
Up to 250 players per activity
Access to Revolin catalogue
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For enterprises who need custom services

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All types of challenges
Unlimited activities
Unlimited players
Access to Revolin catalogue
Premium services
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Prices are without VAT.

Detailed explanations.

What are the main (un)limitations again?

For now, all catalogue content is available for all users.
For now, all plans grant access to all the game mechanics available in Revolin game editing tool.
Let me try
An activity is a series of challenges - a quiz for instance. It is shared with players through a URL link.
You can of course delete previous activities and create new ones. In free plan, you are limited to 3 activities (launched of not).
The number of players per activity is the number of participants per URL link.
You can duplicate an activity to share the new URL link with new players. Reporting is provided per link.
Only admins with a Revolin account can create & launch activities. Players don't need an account.
Only 1 admin per account. If you want several people to edit games, subscribe as many individual plans as needed.
Enough talking.

Game on?