Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to revolin!

The Lock & co Company publishes, markets and operates the revolin software solution (the “Software”) which is used to create activities, challenges, games mainly for internal corporate communication purposes. The application works in a Software As A Service mode (the “Services”) between persons using the Software and/or the Services (the “User(s)”) equipped with a compatible terminal (smartphone, tablet, computers equipped with IOS, Android or Windows operating systems) (the “Terminal”). The User has access to the Services via private or public use of the Software (“revolin Use”), implemented by the User under the User License (as defined hereafter) and/or by any other User and/or third-party holder of a valid revolin license (e.g. a business, school, local authority, etc.) (the “Third Party License”). The User accesses the Services through the “revolin Cloud”.

Article 1. Purpose

These Terms and Conditions define the terms of access and use of revolin by the Users during a revolin Use(s) for their personal use under the User License or under a Third-Party License (the “Agreement”). Revolin and the User shall be hereinafter designated as the 'Parties'. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall also govern all updates and/or upgrades provided by revolin, which might replace and/or add to the Software version currently in use when these Terms and Conditions come into force, unless such updates and/or upgrades are subject to a separate licensing agreement. The foregoing also applies to any additional User Generated Content (as defined hereafter).

Notice to UsersThe Users of a revolin Use administered by a Third Party User Licence holder (the “Administrator”), shall be solely responsible for complying with any current rules, house rules, company internal guidelines, codes of conduct or IT charter which may be in force under the Administrator’s authority or on the premises where the revolin Use is taking place, and shall be entirely liable for any damages whatsoever caused to the Administrator, to any User or any Third Party by virtue of their use of the Services under a revolin Use administered by a Third Party Licence. When the Users are Administrator’s personnel (e.g. employees, representatives, agents, etc.), the Administrator shall monitor the revolin use and shall ensure that such Users comply with any applicable internal rules (e.g. code of conduct, IT or ethical charter, rules in procedure) in force within the legal entity that employs such Users and Administrator. The User or the Administrator (when the User is part of the Administrator’s personnel) is solely responsible for the choice of Services, the means used to access the Software, for the content, files, media, information and data transmitted, disseminated or collected, and for the way these data items are used and updated when using the Software. User access to the Services is currently free, subject to the future integration of new modules and/or features.

Article 2. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use and Software access

Use of the Software and/or Services is subject to the User’s prior unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. The User hereby declares that he/she has read and accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use before using the Services for the first time. Whatever the circumstances, any use of the Software and/or part or all of the Services, implies the User’s unconditional express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use.
The User hereby accepts these Terms and Conditions of Use as an indivisible whole and may not choose to apply them only in part or accept them with reservations. Subject to access via a valid Third-Party license, Users may use their User Account to access a revolin Use via any other user.

Consumer User - Pursuant to Article L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code and due to the nature of the Services, the User expressly waives the 14-day retraction period. Access to the Software and/or the Services by legal minors is subject to prior authorization of the minor’s holders of parental authority, who shall be responsible for the User’s compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Article 3. Conditions of Use - Software

When using the Software for the first time, the User shall create a personal revolin account which enables him/her

The User hereby undertakes not to create or to use accounts other than the account which was originally created, whether by using his/her own identity or that of a third party, unless with revolin’s express prior authorization.
Creating or using new accounts under the User’s own identity or under a third-party identity, without revolin’s express prior authorization, may lead to the immediate suspension or deactivation of the User’s accounts.
After using revolin for the first time, the User will receive an email confirming the creation of the User-Account including the Terms and Conditions of Use.
The User Account is strictly personal and gives the User access to the Services in the course of any revolin Use organized by any User holding a User License or valid Third-Party License.

Article 4. Conditions of Use - Services

The User hereby undertakes to access and use the Software and/or the Services in compliance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use, and according to any applicable statutory and regulatory provisions.
The User hereby undertakes not to access the Services by any means other than that provided by revolin, except with revolin’s express prior authorization contained in a separate agreement. The User hereby acknowledges that the Software may only be accessed and used as part of a revolin Use for his/her professional means (internal organization, customer relationship and for any event carried out on his/her behalf).

The User prohibits himself to resale

Article 5. Intellectual Property

Revolin shall retain the entirety of its intellectual property rights, including all trademarks, patents, utility models, discoveries, know-how, copyright, software applications, their documentation and preparatory work, data bases, data base producer’s rights, drawings and models, company names, trade names, business names and/or domain names including any moral rights related to the foregoing (the “Intellectual Property Rights”) pertaining to the Software, its interface, its documentation, the revolin Cloud and any right of intellectual property attached to any future revolin equipment.
The Terms and Conditions of Use imply no transfer of Intellectual Property Rights to the User. revolin grants to the User a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable rights to
(i) access the Services during a revolin Use under one User License via the revolin Cloud, accessed via the User’s Terminal and
(ii) use the Software via one User Account at any time anywhere in the world (the “User License”), subject to the User’s full payment of the applicable revolin sale offer, as the case may be. By way of consequence, the User may not copy, disclose, disseminate, represent, adapt, translate, modify, decompile, sell, or sub-license any or all of revolin's Intellectual Property Rights, whatever the purpose, medium, duration, territory or means of communication involved, without revolin’s express prior written consent.

Article 6. User-Generated Content

The User may use the Software and/or Services to generate, host and transfer content, including without limitation any creative work, text, diagram, logo, graphic design, photographic image, illustration and/or animated picture which can be viewed by other users during a revolin Use and enabling (if applicable) identification of the User (the “User Generated Content”).
The User hereby declares that he/she holds the Intellectual Property Rights pertaining to the User Generated Content and/or holds all the rights and authorizations required to allow the User Generated Content to be used; copied, represented and disseminated via the Software and/or Services within the territory in which the revolin Use is implemented.
The User owns his/her Generated Content and acknowledges he/she has full liability for the User Generated Content and more generally for any data that he/she has created, modified, deleted, hosted or transferred via the Software and/or the Services.
The User hereby undertakes not to upload, download, host, display or transmit via the Software and/or the Services any User Generated Content liable to contain

Third Party User Content: The User is advised that he may view and use Third Party User Content created and made available by other Users via the revolin Service (the 'Third Party User Content'). The User acknowledges that use of Third Party User Content is subject to:

As a result, the User undertakes to:

Revolin has no control over the unauthorized use of Third Party User Content by another User. In case of violation of the Software rules by the User, revolin reserves the right to delete all or part of the disputed User Generated Content. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, revolin cannot be held liable for any failure or delay in deleting such User Generated Content.
Notwithstanding, the provisions of Article 9, the User hereby grants to revolin and/or to any company which controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with revolin (the “Affiliates”), a royalty free, non exclusive, non transferable, and sub-licensable license, to:

Article 7. Personal Data

7.1 revolin’s processing of personal data

Categories: When performing the Services, revolin, acting as data controller, collects and processes information concerning the Users and/or belonging to the Users, and/or personal data allowing, directly or indirectly, their identification (“Personal Data”).
With regard to revolin’s processing activities, revolin’s Privacy Policy is available https://revolin.io/privacy.
Personal Data required by revolin with regard to the Purposes (as defined below) are as follows: User’s name, surname phone number and email address.
The User is informed that he may choose the pseudonym of its choice and upload an avatar picture to represent him/herself during a revolin Use. In the event where the User chooses a photograph enabling identification of the User, the User: