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About Revolin

Revolin was created by HR Gamification experts who have been designing games for companies since 2015. Our ambition is to give the power to companies to share and spread their company culture and strengthen employees' sense of belonging.

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Meet the founders.

Who is behind Revolin?

The glass is always half full.
He has had 5 lives already and isn't even 100 yet.
Done may be better than perfect, but what about perfectly done?
How did the glass get empty?
Can't pronounce gif correctly and doesn't admit it.
More about the mission.

Why Revolin?

We have been creating games for companies since 2015 and have witnessed the power of gamification in engaging employees.

With Revolin, we want to democratize gamification in companies. We want all employees to feel they belong to a company culture, to a team, to a vision and a mission. So that they feel engaged every day.

Install the use of games in company rituals.
Measure the impact of gamification over time.
Make gamification at work affordable for any company.
More about the name.

Why 'Revolin'?

'Revolin' refers to the wind of change that games can instill: the term designates the change of direction of the wind when it is reflected by an obstacle.

Why isn't is 'Swirl' then? Because Revolin is also a nod to our French origins.

'In' refers to Revolin being 'in' and our mission to transform internal communication and activate intrinsic motivation with games.

I'm in!